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Warm congratulations to Mr. Ho Kuk Sing, CEO of the Group, on winning the 2017 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award.


Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award was first held in the United States in 1986. Today, the award has been extended to more than 60 countries and regions and 145 cities. More than 1,000 of the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs have won this award. The winners are selected by an independent panel which comprises leaders and experts from the society and the business circles, as well as past winners of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award. It mainly depends on their expertise and their contribution to promoting entrepreneurship to be a member of the panel.


The theme of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award in 2017 is “Respond to the situation and achieve win-win cooperation”. The sponsor hopes to use the event to discover outstanding entrepreneurs and recognize extraordinary achievements.

Mr. Ho Kuk Sing was elected as Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year 2017 in the field of medicine and life sciences, which is the industry’s recognition of Mr. Ho business philosophy and outstanding achievements in the enterprise.

The Group warmly congratulated Mr. Ho on winning the award, and expected Mr. Ho to lead the enterprise to make greater contributions to China’s medical reform and China’s medical development with the business philosophy of “Providing Value-added Products and Services for the Testing Industry”.