About Us

About Us

Business Overview


We have the following integrated business :

  • Distribution business ---- as a distributor

    Distribution of in-vitro diagnostic products (as a distributor) is the cornerstone of our business. The business involves the sales of in-vitro diagnostic analyzers, reagents and other consumables to hospitals as well as providers and sub-distributors of medical devices and logistics in China, as well as the supply of value-added services. We have more than 300 technicians to participate in the product marketing, provide customers with equipment installation and maintenance services, and be responsible for the equipment application support.

  • Distribution business ----as a solution service provider

    Providing solution services involves providing solution services to the hospital’s clinical laboratories. As a comprehensive supplier of clinical laboratories, we will participate in the overall design of the experimental site, centralized procurement of in-vitro diagnostic products and rental services of in-vitro diagnostic analyzers, carry out real-time inventory monitoring, assist in the installation of refrigeration house, provide clinical laboratories with cold chain delivery services and other after-sales services. Our solution services help us to establish and maintain a direct relationship with our practitioners, so that we are always on the cutting edge of medical practice and understand our product needs.

  • Product business of own brand

    We also participate in our own brand IVD analyzer and reagent research, development, production and sales. Our own brand IVD reagent is produced by DiagVita Biotechnology. Co., Ltd., and our IVD analyzer is produced by our OEM manufacturers. We believe that our insight into market demand and R & D capabilities are the most valuable assets that differentiate us from our competitors. With rapid development of in-vitro diagnostic products, it is important for us to understand the latest market trends, development trends and consumer preferences as well as develop new products to maintain market competitiveness. Key members of our research team have an average of more than 10 years of relevant work experience in the medical or in-vitro diagnostic related industries. We have the ability to develop and inspect analyzers independently and put them into production quickly.